Arm Liposuction – What You Should Know

When you get to a cosmetic surgery clinic, you would be examined first. The doctor in charge will be the one to ascertain if arm liposuction is for you.

As one popular song says, the body is truly a wonderland. It might be the reason why people take the time to undergo measures to improve their looks. One of the common cosmetic procedures done these days is the arm liposuction.

What is liposuction for the arms?

When you look into the mirror and raise your arm, it is possible that you would see a saggy body part. Although this might not really be a health risk, the unsightly fats surrounding the arm can really affect one’s confidence. Thus, it is normal for people to undergo an upper arm liposuction.

How is this procedure conducted?

When you get to a cosmetic surgery clinic, you would be examined first. The doctor in charge will be the one to ascertain if arm liposuction is for you. Once he or she recommends it, you will be scheduled for a surgery date.

You will be given general anesthesia before commencing with the actual operation. This is done so you won’t feel any pain while the cosmetic surgeon sucks away the fatty deposits in your arm. The doctor will then need to create one or two small incisions on the arms. The number of incisions will greatly depend on the targeted area. A cannula or a small thin tube will be inserted in these incisions to break up the fats and suck it out. This kind of procedure is an outpatient surgery. This means that the patient can go home after the procedure is done unless the doctor recommends otherwise.

What should you expect after this kind of cosmetic surgery?

Swelling and inflammation are expected after the surgery. They can last for weeks so it might be best to take a leave from work. You will also experience pain after the anesthesia has worn out. Although this is normal, your doctor will most likely prescribe your with analgesics or pain relievers. Never force yourself to take on the responsibilities that you have left behind. Remember that you need to fully recover after the procedure.

Once your wounds have healed and the swelling stops, you would easily notice a big difference. However, results will vary greatly from patient to patient.

What are the things that you should consider before undergoing the procedure?

Identify and objectively assess if you really need this kind of procedure. Remember that despite the fact that this is a low-risk surgery, it could still hinder you from doing tasks during your recovery period. The second thing that you should take into account is your budget. Arm liposuction does not come cheap. Make sure that you are financially capable of shouldering its costs.

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