Armpit Liposuction Before and After

Armpit Liposuction Before and After

Armpit liposuction before and after is the most obvious transformation among lipo surgeries. Liposuction surgery, which has become one of the most popular cosmetic operations accessible today, is used to reduce armpit and bra-line fat. Liposuction is a minimally invasive technique that breaks up and suctions difficult pockets of fat with a narrow tube, or cannula. This surgery attempts to eliminate fatty tissue and refine fat-laden parts of the body, most often the belly, thighs, and back.

Doctors seek to reduce fatty tissue and unattractive bulges around the abdomen, back, and upper torso when addressing armpit and underarm fat. These rolls tend to show out clearly in tight-fitting apparel and can significantly disrupt the body form you’ve worked so hard to achieve. After surgery you will see the difference of armpit liposuction before and after. Doctors can design a more balanced and shapely upper torso that suits your overall form by eliminating this superfluous tissue. Doctors can achieve attractive cosmetic results with minimum discomfort and downtime using highly refined procedures, letting you to feel more comfortable and confident about your look.

Are you good candidate for armpit liposuction before and after?

Liposuction is not a replacement for weight loss. Candidates for this surgery should be in excellent health and maintaining a healthy weight range. Patients who want to treat fat deposits around the armpit and bra-line that have proved resistant to diet and exercise are ideal candidates. You need to know possible results of armpit liposuction before and after, beforehand surgery. If you have any of the following issues armpit liposuction before and after, you may be a candidate for fat reduction surgery:

  • Excess skin after major weight reduction
  • Poor muscle tone and extensive sagging
  • Excessive breast tissue in the armpit area, near the milk lines
  • Spillage of skin and breast tissue while wearing a molded and fitting bra

The Procedure of armpit liposuction before and after

The process of armpit liposuction before and after will differ differently for each patient, based on the amount of fat that has to be removed. Doctors will construct a procedure plan suited precisely to your requirements after analyzing your health and cosmetic objectives during your consultation. Doctors that have performed liposuction surgery for a long time have developed highly refined procedures that give outstanding outcomes with minimum side effects.

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